In the heart of GermanyThe holiday and adventure region at the national park 'Kellerwald Edersee'

It is worth travelling to the 'Waldecker Land' because of the incredible variety of landscapes, the untouched nature in the UNESCO World Heritage 'Kellerwald-Edersee' and the lived history.

Edertal-Kleinern Peninsula Scheid

Especially the adventure region 'Edersee' offers a perfect mix of nature and tourism to all visitors.

A wide range of leisure opportunities and sports facilities and a variety of gastronomy make a vacation in this region unforgettable.


Kleinern is a state-approved climatic health resort, which was founded in 1993 by the 'Hessischer Tourismusverband e. V.' and was awarded with the title 'family-friendly climatic health resort'.

The small village with its 600 inhabitants is located in the beautiful 'Wesetal' between the lake 'Edersee' and the city 'Bad Wildungen' (10 minutes by car).

Kleinern is characterized by well-kept half-timbered houses, a fountain, three springs named "Kleinernsche Quellen" and the old church with an altar made of linden wood.

Stirring events like the Easter fire, the baking festival or the 'Schepperling festival' invite you to visit Kleinern. Another highlight is the cattle drive every two years.

Over 120 km of marked hiking trails lead through unspoiled countryside, beautiful landscapes and colorful forests.

You can learn a lot about the local flora and fauna and discover the unique beauty of the national park 'Kellerwald-Edersee' on hiking trips either on your own or on guided hiking tours through this amazing region.

Peninsula Scheid

The peninsula 'Scheid' in the Edersee belongs to Nieder-Werbe, a district of Waldeck. It was formed in 1914 when the valley was flooded after the dam 'Edertalsperre' was built.

The Scheid peninsula is surrounded by the forests of the nature and national park 'Kellerwald-Edersee', which even became an UNESCO World Heritage Site in summer 2011.
Due to its fantastic and central location, the landscape and the variety of opportunities in the adventure region 'Edersee', the Scheid peninsula is perfect for water sports enthusiasts, anglers, hikers and nature lovers. A car is recommended.

The southern part of the Scheid peninsula is intensively used by tourists. In addition to numerous restaurants, there is also a beach with lawn and a playground. Furthermore, there are boat berths on the east and west banks and a pier for passenger shipping. It provides tours between the marinas 'Waldeck-West', 'Edertal-Sperrmauer', 'Scheid Peninsula', 'Bringhausen', 'Asel' and 'Herzhausen'. A ferry commutes between Rehbach and the peninsula.

A small circular trail leads around the peninsula and offers a great view from the rock 'Loreley-Felsen' over the lake 'Edersee'. Various Nordic walking routes are marked across the peninsula as well.

For larger hiking tours the almost 70 km long trail 'Urwaldsteig' is highly recommended. Its path leads through the largest German beech forest along the steep slopes around the lake 'Edersee'. Panoramic views are guaranteed.

Another great experience is the trail 'Knorreichensteig', an approximately 17 km long hiking trail through the forests of the national park 'Edersee' along the slopes. Its path leads from Asel to Nieder-Werbe along the northern edge of the lake 'Edersee' and is lined with gnarled oak and beech trees.

The unique beauty of the region can be experienced on the 156 km long hiking trail 'Kellerwaldsteig'. It was one of three top hiking trails in 2004 and awarded with the seal of quality by the German Hiking Association.

You will find the restaurant 'MUN' and a pizzeria at the marina 'Yacht-Hof'.
Supermarkets and larger shopping facilities can be found nearby in the village 'Waldeck-Sachsenhausen'.